Opiniones profesionales

Opiniones profesionales

“Bustamante’s research follows this path, undertaken in the last century by a few astrological scholars. We urgently need research with a similar profile. […] In the face of a publishing production full of manuals with useless astrological recipes that hardly contribute anything to this knowledge, the present study successfully distances itself from this uniform and gray bibliographical reality. […] Bustamante’s work constitutes a valuable contribution to our collective, another golden stone in the construction of the astrological pyramid. It is to be hoped that it will receive the welcome it deserves and that its author will continue to offer this discipline his efforts and research talent, for the good of astrology itself”.

Excerpt from the Foreword of ASTROGENESIS, future publication of Sagittarius.

Juan Estadella

Spanish researcher and astrologer

“Bustamante’s work is characterized by an in-depth analytical production that cannot be found in any other work of the present nor of the past (excepting, perhaps, Morin) and that evokes the spirit of science. It shows, moreover, the commitment of its author to the craft, which automatically implies combating its distortion and dishonest profit.”


PhD | Javeriana University

“David never quenches his thirst and is always ready to debate, providing his opinion with criteria and intelligence. He is a skeptic who investigates everything and questions even his own ideas, someone who is clear that what he knows is a drop of water in the ocean, which is why he is able to continue to grow uninterruptedly, while contributing.”

Norberto M. García

Writer and Astrologer

“Bustamante is, so far, the author who has best understood and explained the astrological symbols.”

Camilo Núñez V.

Practitioner of traditional astrology

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