Birth Chart

Birth Chart

Duración: 120 minutes
Costo: USD $119.00
Plataforma: Google Meet / Zoom / WhatsApp call

Description of this service

What is it?

An astrography, otherwise known as a birth chart, is a photograph of the sky in relation to a specific point on Earth at a specific date and time that allows the professional astrologer to visualize the position of the planets in the signs of the Zodiac (ecliptic) and the twelve regions (meridians) in order to provide an accurate assessment regarding different aspects of the life of an individual.

What do you get out of this?

The chart’s twelve regions provide information about each of the stages of human development, from birth and cognitive evolution, health, work and profession, to old age. The professional astrologer can then visualize, as one would visualize in other types of non-astrological assessments, the general and specific tendencies of the human experience.

This service is offered for the purpose of helping you understand the tendencies of your life, in the same way that we might visit a doctor or a psychologist without being sick: to know our body or behavior better. The astrologer, in this sense, does not presume to be a magician or a medium, nor will he speak with riddles or spells. He will speak rationally, not esoterically, and everything is subject to confidentiality.


The professional astrologer will go over your astrography through each of the twelve regions that make up the birth chart, thereby making observations as appropriate. Should the natal analysis justify it, the solar revolution or progression that needs to be raised will also be assessed (at no additional cost). The (ascendant and descendant) “nodes” of the Moon are also examined. Asteroids (e.g. Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta, Chiron), however, are excluded from the analysis, as there are more than ten thousand in our solar system and none of them meet the standards of the International Astronomical Union (IAU).


You may prepare a questionnaire and bring it to the session. The astrologer, in turn, will provide you with a short aptitude report (in addition to answering your questionnaire) and a variety of observations regarding different aspects of your life.

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