Procedural Astrology

Procedural Astrology


This training is for:

1. Relatively advanced students or beginners with basic knowledge who are interested in mastering, solely, the procedure of delineation/interpretation.
2. Astrologers recently graduated from other schools of astrology who wish to strengthen their methodology.


The 112 rules of astrological delineation constitute a procedural summary of the 21st volume of the 17th century astrologer Morin de Villefranche’s Astrologia Gallica, professor of medical sciences and mathematics at the Collège de France and personal astrologer to kings and Cardinal Richelieu (France). Undoubtedly one of the most prominent astrologers in history, along with the Arabs (e.g. Albumasar, Masha Allah) and William Lilly. Although these were also procedurally judicious, none of them systematized astrology as Morin did in both Books XXI and XIX of his treatise, where he expounds the postulates, definitions, axioms, and theorems of astrological interpretation.

The practitioner then has the option of taking a specific course in interpretative matters, a procedure that, sadly, everyone has taken for granted, as Sun sign astrology promotes the tendency to reduce people’s birth charts to a single apparently unique placement in a nativity (e.g. Mars in Leo), but always common to tens of thousands of people.

This error in delineation does not promise accuracy but only immovable prejudices. While Mars in Leo, for example, can be found in any birth chart, Mars in Leo (i) as ruler of the 3rd House (ii) conjunct Saturn (the latter as ruler of the ASC) (iii) in trine to another planet in the 10th House, or (iv) with the secondary ruler of the 3rd House, cannot (or only in a very small number of charts). These composite placements are what truly distinguish one natal chart from another, and the interpretation can become extremely complex in the face of the almost infinite number of possible combinations, which is why, in this course, we will provide you with the necessary tools to make a coherent composition. (See syllabus below).


The observance of the 112 principles was baptized by the German physician and astrologer Adolf Weiss as astrological “synthesis” in 1924. Because of the rigor that characterizes his work, inspired by Morin’s, the 1926 German press referred to said treatise as “the astrologers’ Bible”. Let us remember that both the Sun or Moon sign, as well as the ascending sign (Asc), among other placements, can be common to too many people. Just as a physician does not establish a diagnosis or prognosis based on a single symptom (or by improvising in relation to medical principles), neither does a competent astrologer.

Duration: 7 hours
Cost: USD $299.00
Perks: PDFs of Power Point Presentations and Word documents.



Determinism versus free will (a well-grounded discussion)
Life and Work
Origin of the 112 Rules
Universal versus Particular ruler
Whole Sign Houses versus Quadrant Houses
The 112 rules of Morin de Villefranche
First set of rules
Second set of rules
Third set of rules


The student will test his previous academic achievement in the light of 6 interpretation exercises. 3 simple, 3 complex.

Practice 1 – Homogeneous houses*.
Practice 2 – Homogeneous houses
Practice 3 – Homogeneous houses
Practice 4 – Heterogeneous houses* Practice 5 – Heterogeneous houses* Practice 5 – Heterogeneous houses
Practice 5 – Heterogeneous houses
Practice 6 – Heterogeneous houses

* The homogeneity or heterogeneity (types 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5) of a house constitutes a classification by SAGITTARIUS (Bustamante Segovia) in relation to the astrological delineation procedure, which makes it easier to describe the astrographic or chart composition of a nativity.

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