Matter and Astrology. Comment on Correspondences

Matter and Astrology. Comment on Correspondences
septiembre 12, 2023
Autor: David Bustamante S.
A recent study suggests that information could, itself, have molecular mass, which would support the scientific basis of astrology.

“No discipline can avoid physical reality or separate itself from the other sciences with which it forms a single whole; even less  astrology, whose fundamental principle establishes the influence of the physical environment on the living being. This book studies the origin of environmental influences on man and updates its astrological application based on the discoveries of today’s physics and biology, without whose basis a real evolution of astrology or a well-founded knowledge of it is not possible.” Demetrius Santos (Physical Astrology, 1988)

This statement from the most recognized and cited scientific astrologer of the 20th century, Demetrius Santos (1924-2016), can become unpleasant for or unwelcome by those who consider astrology only an art, not also a science or the allegorical expression of the phenomenological world and the supreme amalgam of all the branches of knowledge. In short, the maximum episteme or corroboration of everything, something that will soon become common knowledge.

When Hermes Trismegistus pointed out “As above, so below” or “As it is within, so without” (necessarily), he alluded to what quantum mechanics has been discovering with increasingly wider margins of verification. A very simple example of the quantum physical principle referred to above would be sodium chloride, that is, table salt, which, just as it is used for antiseptic purposes on a biological level, also on the metaphysical or spiritual level, or it would not be part of the tools with which exorcists, among other experts, work in order to repel unhealthy (or evil, as they call) energies. Another example of said principle is the fact that we can find, in every astrological house, that specific organ of the human body that the sign whose number corresponds to that house also represents (e.g. if Leo, Virgo, and Libra represent or have rights over the heart, the small intestine, and the kidneys, also the fifth, sixth, and seventh houses, in such a way that they too should provide information about these things). The same correspondence extends to non-anatomical matters as well, unlike what happens between planets and signs or between planets and houses (only houses and signs constitute parallel planes of human experience, from which the foundation of whole-signs emerges, regardless of whether they can or cannot constitute a house system).

Other examples are easy to be inferred, at least if we are astrologers or astrology students. If Venus has no seasons or axial tilt and its climate is thus regular, stable, or invariable, although hot, then it governs the kidneys, the organs responsible for preserving, precisely, homeostasis, that is, the biochemical balance of our organism (they take part in blood pressure as well). Its governance over the plant kingdom holds the same correspondence and explains why we relate this planet with love and art or harmonies, with flowers and gardening and symmetries, even with trees whose leaves are evergreen, that is, foliage that remains functional for more than one growing season. If Uranus is the only planet whose north pole points directly to the Sun (rotates on its side), then we attribute to it rulership over everything that is unconventional or revolutionary and assign to it responsibility for or jurisdiction over social, scientific, and technological revolutions, genetic abnormalities and the intelligence most sophisticated on Earth, the homo sapiens-sapiens (not to mention intelligent beings outside planet Earth). Finally, the most obvious example of all: if the Sun is hot and bright and photosynthetic and a life-source, astrologically as well, and it radiates the same benefit to us when placed at the ASC, for example.

Well, as it is above so it is below and as it is on the inside it will be so on the outside, and vice versa, necessarily, by virtue of a law that we are only now beginning to elucidate thanks to most recent scientific research in this field, quantum mechanics (see Emspak, 2023, Space; Ferrie, 2023, Scientific American). The interdependency that governs all things (paraphrasing Barbault) constitutes a reality that Eastern philosophy (China, India) has maintained for millennia, especially Taoism. Only when in the 20th century we discovered particles, that is, the quantum world (i.e. subatomic states, as in beyond matter and its molecules and atoms) did we begin to suspect the theoretical integrity of ancient cultures’ philosophy, as the world was no longer considered fixed (physics classical) and even Einstein had a difficult time wrapping his head around this as he tried to elucidate the characteristic indeterminacy of reality according to Bohr (1927). For Einstein, everything was necessarily predetermined. In 1999, however, physicist and teleportation pioneer Anton Zeilinger (University of Vienna) and his team confirmed that this was not the case, and that what Einstein had called “spooky action at a distance”, that is, quantum entanglement, was possible.

Let us take an even more interesting, if not impressive, example, but one that honors the same law of physics: hemoglobin, one of the largest molecules in our body, the macroprotein responsible for carrying oxygen to tissues and organs through our bloodstream. To what other planet shall we attribute it but to the one that governs, precisely, the organ where the heme group is produced for our metabolism, Jupiter, hepatic, cardiorespiratory planet and the only titan of planets, capable of great syntheses, the same of proteins as of knowledge?

Beyond matter there are molecules and beyond these, atoms. Every molecule is made up of atoms, whether the equal or different in nature, and upon the union of two or more, a molecule is formed. If said union is produced between atoms of different natures, a compound is formed instead (every compound is a molecule, but not vice versa). Molecular oxygen, for example, is made up of two atoms of the same element, but two of oxygen and one of carbon constitute CO2 or carbon dioxide (compound). Two hydrogen atoms (H) and one oxygen atom (O), in turn, the water molecule (H2O), which, because it has two different atoms, is also a compound.

Here is an example of different molecular structures (educational content for our students in the academia, as we try to provide a comprehensive education, that is, in more than astrology):

Source: 2023. SAGITTARIUS Academy of Astrology. Molecular Theory of the Zodiac. Presentation 1.4 (1,2).

As seen in the Power Point slide, some molecules are larger than others, and hemoglobin, in turn, is one of the largest. When its molecular mass was first calculated in 1824, no one seems to have believed Engelhard. It was not until 1925 when Smithson confirmed his results. This macroprotein is so large that its writing is as follows and its appearence:

Source: https://www.rcsb.org/structure/3hhb

It would be unnecessary to emphasize the huge function hemoglobin plays in the body as well as the planet that governs it, Jupiter, in our lives, as without oxygen being carried from lungs out, our tissues, muscles, and organs would not breathe and, for that same reason, neither would we, without mentioning other metabolic processes also fundamental for life and with which extracorporeal matters would be related as well (honoring that Hermetic maxim provided earlier): justice and/or wisdom, that is, that which is a consequence of the synthesis of knowledge.

At first glance, this consideration could well seem far-fetched, but if it is true that “as above, so below”, it must be so, so much so that if we were to disappear Saturn from the Solar System, our bones, teeth included, would or should go with it, and likewise everything else insofar as we disappear other planets.

How can this be possible?, the logician would ask. Such a thing would imply that nothing on Earth can be or exist without each of the planets with presumed dominion over such matters also being or existing. Is such a thing possible? Let us see…


“If we assume that information is physical and has mass, and that elementary particles have a DNA of information about themselves, how can we prove it?” asked theoretical physicist Melvin Vopson of Portsmouth University in the UK), in interview about the possible fifth state of matter. “My latest work is about testing these theories so that they can be taken seriously by the scientific community,” he explained. He, in fact, added that such a thing “does not contradict electrodynamics, thermodynamics or classical physics (Einstein), it just complements it with something new and incredibly exciting.”

Could this help us verify the mechanism of action through which each planet and each sign would govern the same things at different planes of reality (material and immaterial, or say, from the material to the subatomic world)? Should what Vopson maintains be one day proven, we could demonstrate that information is in fact and in itself “a key building block of the universe,” an organism or vibration of sort. Would it confirm an implicit proposition in astrology that different aspects of human experience exist only because the celestial bodies responsible for their existence exist? As some astrophysicists have suggested, if we were to remove or disappear Mercury or the Moon from our Solar System, or any other celestial body, life on Earth would change radically. They have explained this based on astrophysical results without realizing that the very information they provide is so in the name of astrology itself. If Venus disappeared, it is likely that love would cease to be part of the human experience and of other species who are also sentient beings as well (v. gr. elephants). What about philosophy and religion and legal systems in general? Would they cease to be branches of knowledge if Jupiter and Saturn were to disappear?

Thomas Harvey of Oxford University argues:

  • “Quantum theory explains how forces arise from simple symmetries, the field symmetries that constitute our universe, and quantum field theory is, in turn, a mathematical formula to build a model universe, as it allows us to establish a quantum description of it that would recognize the restrictions imposed by Einstein’s theory of relativity.”

And adds:

  • “Then, by making it possible for the fields to interact with each other, this theory allows us to predict with extraordinary precision the phenomena that govern our universe, whose evolution would be described, on a microscopic scale, as a synthesis of all possible scenarios. Now, this description then remains incomplete: although it satisfies Einstein’s special relativity, quantum field theory does not recognize general relativity, which describes gravity based on the curvature of space-time. It is true that some of the theory’s results can be calculated in curved spacetimes, such as the prediction that black holes evaporate over time, but we are still searching for a Unified Field Theory that explains, microscopically, why space-time curves, and can finally reconcile the infinitely large with the infinitely small (gravity with the quantum). In short, a theory of everything.”

“[…] would reconcile the infinitely large with the infinitely small.” That is to say, would it verify that as it is above, so is it below, that as it is within, so it is without? It is a universal principle that would explain, without fear of exaggeration, everything.

Renowned French astrologer and statistical researcher André Barbault, for his part, wrote (1961):

  • “The cosmos is an immense being in which all parts are connected, subject to the same laws and function in a similar way. The energy that animates the celestial bodies is of the same nature as that which animates men. A single principle governs the planetary gods and the electrons, the passions of Jupiter and the loves of incest. The same life circulates from one to another, from microcosm to macrocosm. And as man is in the image of the world, it is easy to know what one and the other are by doing only a single study. A perfect synchronism exists between these two worlds, and that is why things develop in parallel on Earth as in heaven. Starting from this notion of harmony between the individual and the world, one and the other must be able to be confronted, compared for a given time and place: the horoscope is nothing other than the algorithm and matrix of this relationship.”


[1] See The EPR Paradox, renowned paper from 1935, when quantum entanglement first appeared, proven unequivocally in 1999 in the Canary Islands.

[2] SciNews. (March 2022). Newly Proposed Experiment Could Confirm that Information is Fifth State of Matter. Retrieved from: https://www.sci.news/physics/information-fifth-state-matter-10638.html

[3] Roussel, A. (2021). Science Click. Quantum Field Theory Visualized. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmG2ah5Df4g&ab_channel=ScienceClicEnglish

[4] Barbault, A. (1961). De psychanalyse a l’astrologie. Editions du Seuil.

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