A procedural and ethical imperative

A procedural and ethical imperative
marzo 28, 2023
Autor: David Bustamante S.
One natal chart (astrography) does not repeat itself before 25,000 years. Each one can present one of no less than 7,200 possible combinations (there are more than a billion).

All humans are 99.9% genetically identical, which explains why every human being has the same number of limbs, eyes, and fingers. 0.1% constitutes our specific genetic sequence and it is this that separates an individual from every other, just as in a natal chart the specific arrangement of signs, Houses, and planets that each person presents, accounting for no less than 7,200 possible combinations. In this sense, describing ourselves according to the Sun or Moon sign, for example, common to tens of thousands of people, lacks validity, reason why we must throw away any type of recipe interpretation contained in the vast majority of astrological literature (not only modern), carefully observing each of the compound placements of the individual’s astrography. After all, we are all influenced by the same signs and the same celestial bodies, as we were all born on the same planet, Earth. We would have to distinguish the dose that we have received from each sign according to the House over which it radiates energy and the planets that gain voice through them. In short, what is the specific place each sign and each planet occupies in our birth chart. Uruguayan astrologer Cristo Cristoff Naumova, better known as Boris Cristoff, said:

“Actually, all signs define a native. It is the stars and aspects that make some signs more important than others for said native. We all possess qualities of each sign: we all have something of the pioneering individualist (Aries), the possessive materialist (Taurus), the adaptable sociable (Gemini) or sensitive humanist (Cancer), etc. These are our terrestrial qualities that are embedded in us like vegetables that are all made up of the same elements. The difference lies in the pre-eminence of some over others, not in their outright exclusion.” (1989). Astrological prediction by the PROLUNA system and its derivatives. KIER. Buenos Aires. p. 180

Astrological synthesis (or astrosynthesis) MORIN was a precursor of in 1661 and WEISS baptized in 1926, followed by ZOLTAN MASON in 1970s, constitutes a not only procedural but also ethical imperative.

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